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Participatory Research Methods with Children

Participatory Research with Children Children are often not taken seriously; a lot of people think that they aren’t capable of participating in research. In the article “Using Participatory Methods to Further the Democratic Goals of Children’s Organizations” by Roger Hart and Jasmine Rajbhandary, they discussed the clubs they had for children since 1990. They describe […]

Research with Children

When it comes to carrying out research with children, there are many factors that researchers should consider according to Punch (2002) and Johnson and Hart and Colwell (2014). They point out that as researchers we should respect children as participants and their data by following ethical protocols, such as making sure that the child is […]

Children as Researchers

Children as Researchers- the Effects of Participation Rights on Research Methodology, by Pricilla Anderson discuss the roles of children as researchers and how important it is for them. When children conduct they can learn through experiences and project at schools. In studying children as researchers the article many focuses on three sections: stages of  the […]

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