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Data Collection Methodology

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Data Collection Methods

Method The qualitative data collection method we chose to do as a group was the interview method with a heavy focus on survey use. By using a combination of these two methods, it lays out the best platform for us as child researchers to get unbiased information straight from the children. When children are in […]

Data Collection Methods

Method The qualitative data collection method selected for this project is ethnography . Our ethnographic methodology will consist of interviews and participant observation. With the use of interviews , we hope to learn, what the participants believe, how they think, and how their lives are affected by incarceration . Our interviews will be semi-structured to […]

Research Methods

Method When it comes to researching child abuse and if the child is being abused or not there are several ways to research this issue. Drawings could be good as it can give the researcher the understanding by looking at what the child is drawing because drawings are able to show a deeper meaning. Drawings […]

Data Collection Methods- Experiment

Method Our group will be using a quantitative method to collect data. The method we will use is an experimental design. We decided to use this method because we believe that it does not require the participants to disclose too much personal information and thoughts that they might be uncomfortable sharing. According to Creswell’s “Research […]

Data Collection Methods

METHOD: The method qualitative data collect method we as a group will be using is the observation method. The reason why we decide to use this method is because our argument / topic is to observe the different type of behaviors and function in children with autism during play time. In the article “Observation Behavior […]

Data Collection Methodology- Physical Education and Academic Achievement

Method The method we have decided to use is a quantitative data analysis based on documents. We will collect document data from high schools in low income areas within the 5 boroughs. The documents will include the physical education minutes’ students receive weekly and their standardized test scores in both reading and math. The reason […]

Post 4: Data Collection Methods

Method The qualitative data collection method that we would be using is the interview method. We decided to use this type of method because our topic consisted of knowing what types of resources in regards to housing accommodations are available for those you transition out of the foster care system. Our interview would focus on […]

Data Collection Methods

Method As a group we will focus on a qualitative data collection. Our method will be in form of interviews. We decided to choose interviews because of the sensitivity of our work. We wanted to understand the emotional and cognitive reasoning behind intergenerational child labor.  The article entitled, “Steps for Engaging Young Children in Research” […]

Post 4: Data Collection Methods

Post 4: Data Collection Methods The qualitative data collection method that we are using is interview, the reason we chose this method is due to our topic. We want to focus on what the cause for abuse and neglect would be if in a higher income neighborhood, since researchers usually focus on lower income neighborhoods. […]

Post #4-Survey/Data Collection Methods

Tayla Goldberg Corisa Ramkissoon Post #4 Data Collection Methods     Method 1. What is the specific type of qualitative data collection method you will use? Why? Refer to and cite an article that discusses the use of this method, and why it is relevant to the study you are proposing. We are using survey […]

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