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Course Description

3 hours; 3 credits

This course is an overview of applied social science research with children and youth. Students will engage with the fundamental elements of the research process to develop their own research questions and explore appropriate methodologies for examining them. Through readings and class discussions, we will examine the ethical considerations and limitations involved in research with children and youth, techniques for working with children and youth as research participants and/or co-researchers, and the costs/benefits of applying different methods for conducting children’s studies research. Students will take an active and collaborative role in the class by engaging in class discussions based on course readings, experiential activities with research methods inside and outside of class, and working with a peer research team to develop a research proposal on a topic in children and youth studies.

Prerequisite: Children’s Studies 2100 or permission of the Program Director.

Course Objectives

  1. Students will learn the basic architecture of research design.
  2. Students will explore contemporary issues in children and youth studies research.
  3. Students will become familiar with various research methodologies in children and youth studies research.
  4. Students will practice one or more methods used to conduct research with children and youth.
  5. Students will apply their knowledge of key issues and methods in children and youth studies research to develop a research proposal.

Course Structure

Foundations for conducting research with children and youth
• Classes 1-5

Fundamental elements of conducting research
• Generally Thursdays of classes 6-21

Research methodologies in children and youth studies
• Generally Tuesdays of classes 6-21

Capstone project: Research Proposal
• Presentations during last 4 classes

Course Administration

The class Dropbox folder will be used to share course materials such as the most recent version of the syllabus, readings, and to accept assignments. Assignments in the form of pages, posts, and comments are to be published on the class website. Blackboard will be used to send class announcements and where you can check your grade. You can get a Dropbox account here: https://db.tt/E08hxx6l

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