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Class does not meet on Mondays, but posts are to be published by 12:00pm (noon) on the dates specified below.
Comments to posts are to be made by the following Monday at 12:00pm (noon).
Each team publishes all 5 project posts, and a report draft.
Each team publishes 1 research design post (sign up for 1 of 10 topics during class 3).
Each student submits 1 participant profile, and 1 method practice report.
All readings will be provided at least one week prior to class, except September 1st & 3rd. Aug. 27 Class Overview and Organization
Sept. 1 Research Design
Participation Profile due
Sept. 3 Research with Children
Sept. 8 Developmental, Anthropological & Sociological Study of children Sept. 10 No class – Monday schedule 
Sept. 14 Joined CUNY Commons and our class group to access the site Sept. 15 No class Sept. 17 Research Topic, Problem, Question
class website
Sept. 21 Research with Children post Sept. 22 No class Sept. 24 Introduction to your Research Project
Literature search in the Library Rm. 120
  Friday Sept. 25 Assignment Day: Literature Search and Review
Sept. 28 Quantitative Methods post
Children as Researchers post
Sept. 29 Quantitative Methods Oct. 1 Children as Researchers
Oct. 5 Narrative Inquiry post
Introduction post
Oct. 6 Narrative Inquiry
Guest Lecture
Oct. 8 Literature Review
Oct. 12 Visual Methods post
Oct. 13 Visual Methods
Guest Lecture
Oct. 15 Ethics & Gatekeeping
Oct. 19 Observation and Ethnography post
Literature Review post
Oct. 20 Observation and Ethnography
class cancelled
Oct. 22 Literature Review and Method workshop
Oct. 26 Mapping and In-Situ Methods post
Oct. 27 Mapping and In-Situ Methods Oct. 29 Observation and Ethnography
Nov. 2 Interviewing Children post

Ethics post

Nov. 3 Interviewing Children Nov. 5 Method lab
Nov. 9 Participatory Research with Children post
Method Practice Report due
Nov. 10 Participatory Research with Children
Guest Lecture
Nov. 12 Methodology
Nov. 16 Participatory Action Research post
Methodology post
Nov. 17 Participatory Action Research Nov. 19 Analysis
Nov. 23 Research Proposal draft (revisions of post 1-3) Nov. 24 Abstract and
Project Review
Nov. 26 College Closed – Thanksgiving
  Dec. 1 Project Presentations Dec. 3 Project Presentations
Dec 7.  Analysis post Dec. 8 Project Presentations Dec. 10 Project Presentations
Dec. 15 Final Project Research Proposals due  
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