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method practice report

Method Post 1 For this method report, I interviewed my neighbor who is 17 years old. I had a few questions in mind, I was aware that her parents argue a lot, actually the entire building was aware. My purpose for this interview was to find out if the verbal and I am not sure […]

Research Design and Practice

For my research method of practice I decided to focus on ethnographic research by conducting an interview. The interview that I conducted was with a young girl that i baby sit who recently just had a birthday. The conversation was very casual and what I had hoped to gain from this interview was how children […]

Method Post #1 Observation

I decided to use the research method of Observation to understand how teenagers spend their time on the internet. For this research I observed by 17 year old brother as he used the computer in the living room to complete his assignments. My brother is constantly on the computer and uses it to complete his […]

Method Practice Report 1

For this method practice report, I interviewed my 10 year old cousin. I decided to ask him about his new experiences as a junior high school student compared to last year when he was an elementary school student. I asked him questions about his after school routine last year compared to this year. I informed […]

Method Practice Report #1- Observation

I decided to the the Observation Method. I recently did a study in John Hancock Playground that focused on the importance of public playground and the interactions between children and adolescence. I paid attention to the way they played and their use of the space. This method was one of the easy mathods to do. […]

Method Practice Report #1- Observation

For my Method practice report, I decided to take the observation route. Every day, I travel on the B6 bus to get to and from class and I’m always surrounded by young kids. The majority of the time, they’re high school kids. When you listen to the things they speak of and exactly how they […]

interview practice

The method I chose to do was the interview method. I wanted to try this method because I find it interesting to see how children response to questions that are being asked. I interviewed my friend’s 5-year-old son. My friend told me that her son is shy but once he becomes comfortable around you he can […]

Do New York City Public School Students Feel Safe? Survey Says…

In order to determine whether New York City students feel safe in their schools, I surveyed five Junior High School students ages 11-14. The survey was designed in a simple True or False format, where the students simply wrote whichever word matched their opinion of the statement in question. While brainstorming, I decided not to ask […]

Method Practice Report 1- Interview

The method that I decided to try was the interview method. I decided to try the interview method to obtain data because I have never done a one-on-one interview with an adult or a child. I think that by trying this method, I could determine whether an interview is a method suitable for my research […]

Observing Behavior using the ABA & ABC Models

METHOD: ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) ABC (Antecedent Behavior Consequences) For our Method practice we chose to use two different observation methods. The first is the ABA method which stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. Which focuses on principles to explain how learning takes places. ABA is also used to bring out meaningful and positive behavior within […]

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