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Data Collection Methodology Post


I had the opportunity to interview a girl from my class and my question for Olivia were if she believed going to school was right or if it was not ? I decided to use the interview method because I believe it could be the best way to interact with a 6 year old child. My questions followed as these: Why is school important and what do you learn every day? She told me that she learns about math and English and she is learning how to write and read which now she knows how to write her name and she is so proud about it. My second question was what does she feel that the outcome from school is and which are the positive and negative outcomes from attending school? She told me that she loves to go to school because her friends are there and as she is really creative she likes working on art projects, therefore my other question was which was her favorite subject and she didn’t hesitate to answer that it was ART. I asked her what she wants to be once she grows up and if school can help someone achieve that. She told me that she wants to become an art teacher as she is so passionate about art and enjoys playing with her younger brother who she thinks she could be a good teacher in the future and that school can help you achieve that because she learns from her own teachers. Lastly I asked her if she has a lot of friends in school and if she behaves in classroom? She told me she does behave and listen to her teachers and that she has a lot of friends. And As I mentioned earlier she said that her favorite subject is Art. I believe that by doing an interview it was easy to get a honest answer from the child as she felt I was interested in her response and In getting to know why I was interested in her education as well as her interests regarding school. I feel that I got the answers that most children would give when they are 6 years old and it’s love towards their school as they can dislike waking up really early in the morning but overall they enjoy going to school because they know that they will see their friends and they will also learn a whole new things that are really interesting.

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