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Development of Autism

What are the developmental factors of Autism?

Autism, also known as Autism spectrum disorder, is a condition that affects the way the brain develops and process information. This causes a child with autism to have language delays, trouble communicating with others, have difficulties performing certain behaviors, unusual or repetitive behaviors, and even learning disabilities.  No two cases of autism are exactly alike, some can be mild while some are severe. Signs of autism are usually noticeable around 2 to 3 years of age. Most of the time, it is hard to detected if your child has autism because the signs may not be clear . A child can be screened for autism as early as 16 months. Some signs of a child with autism are trouble interacting, playing or relating with others,  Having very little eye contact, not pointing to objects in which want to call attention to, unusual or repetitive movements (spinning, hand clapping & tapping), delays in developmental milestones, playing with a toy that seem odd or repetitive and not exploring surrounding (child seems to be in their own world).

Now you may ask yourself what causes a child to have autism?

We do not know the cause of autism yet.  Scientist have studied whether autism is caused by genetic or environmental factors. Studies show that there is a 30% chance that if one child has been diagnosed with Autism, their sibling may be born with it as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean autism is past down from parent to child, indicating a genetic cause. Some studies have shown that children exposed to something (yet unknown) in the environment might develop autism.

Doctors are able to diagnose and start treatment for children with autism sooner because of new research. Children with autism who get a diagnosis early and start treatment immediately tend to have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

In our research, we will be investigating what new studies scientist and doctors are performing to get a better understanding of what causes autism. Also what new therapies are they offering to help children with autism?

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