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Ethical Considerations

Ethical Consideration Post

Informed participation

As a team we agree that each participate will receive a consent form that will state the purpose, method and the ways their information will be shared with others. We will encourage our participants to read all of the information on the form before contributing any information. We will also answer any questions the participant may have in order to ensure both the researchers and participants have a full understanding of what is in store.

Voluntary participation

First and foremost we will highlight on the consent form that their participation is completely optional and in no way will they be held responsible if they decide not to participate. We will also highlight that they can share with us anything that they feel comfortable with and they should feel no pressure to answer or do things that aren’t safe to their psychological, physical or emotional well-being.

Confidentiality and anonymity

Due to the sensitivity of our subject of research it is best that the identity of the respondents to be confidential. We will maintain this confidentiality throughout the study by not using direct names in our final project and referring to participants as adult/child.

Protection from harm

The potential risks of participating in our study are emotional harm. Some participants may feel remorse has they retell their stories or answer questions surrounding their experiences and decisions. The way to prevent this is allowing the participants to avoid answering trigger questions and insuring them that this is solely for the purpose of collecting data in order to improve the solutions to the problem.



A way we as researchers would recruit children for our study is by going to businesses and jobs were children would be working .The gatekeepers to this site are the managers and the CEO’s of the store or company. The way I will gain voluntary informed consent from these gatekeepers is by contacting them first and then asking to receive permission to the site by briefly explaining our study and purpose. The way we would ensure the informed and voluntary consent of children is free from coercion or manipulation is by giving them the right to withdrawal from the consent or stop participating at any time, for any reason. You as the participant have the right to refuse to answer any questions .We would ensure that children are not passively assenting, but positively agreeing by restating questions in different forms and asking them to provide scenarios or examples from their experiences to get a better active conversation. Children in this study won’t be impacted differently because every child would be asked the same questions and would be anonymous.


Some potential biases of researchers that would influence the finding include selecting certain data to include this changes the whole research by not being accurate study.  Also, not including information because it doesn’t match everyone else’s answer. This information is important because it shows that data is not being measured. We will ensure that findings are impartial by giving every child the right attention, care, and time.

Data Security

Every effort will be made to maintain the privacy of your data .To protect confidentiality no personality identifying information will be used. The results may be used in reports, presentations, or publications, but your name will not be used. To reduce concerns about confidentiality, you choose or be assigned a pseudonym, and none of your information will be kept under your real name. All electronics files of observation notes, interview transcripts, and audio files will be kept in physically secured locations by using password-protected files and locked drawers

Dissemination and use of research
I don’t believe our research would be used in way that we didn’t want it to be because it mainly focuses on why parents emphasize child labor on their children. This question just focuses on that, it would be difficult for it to be used in way that it can answer anything else.

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