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Ethical Considerations

Ethical Considerations Post- Physical Education and Academic Achievement

Ethics can be defined as any moral principle that manage a person’s or groups behavior. We plan to ensure that the data we collect is kept confidential. The data will not include the schools name or school district number, instead we will reassign numbers to these schools. We will ensure that our findings are impartial by randomly selecting schools to include in our study. We will report all the data that is available from all documents that are included in our research study without selective filtering.

When dealing with data security it is important that all information collected during the research process is securely stored and is done so safely. We will make sure that all of the paper copies of test scores and document data on PE minutes are stored and locked in filing cabinets in an archive. To avoid misinterpretation of our research we will be extremely clear about the parameters of our study and the extent to which interpretation can be made.


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