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Practice Reports

interview practice

The method I chose to do was the interview method. I wanted to try this method because I find it interesting to see how children response to questions that are being asked. I interviewed my friend’s 5-year-old son. My friend told me that her son is shy but once he becomes comfortable around you he can be very talkative. I interviewed him about his Halloween experience, and I was trying to come up with questions that he could easily answer.

Before I started my interview I was trying to get the child to be comfortable around me. I was trying to talk to him but he kept hiding behind him mom. I asked my friend if I can use one of her son’s car toys and when she gave me the car toy I started playing with the car. At first her son was watching me play with the car. He started by playing next to me and after awhile he began to play with me. Once I saw that he was starting to become comfortable around me and he started talking to me I began asking him questions about Halloween. The first question I asked him he answered it with ease but the second question his mom had to rephrase the question in order for him to understand the question I was asking him.

I thought the questions I was asking was easy to understand and that the interview was going to go as planned but I was wrong, there were times where the child didn’t understand the question that I was asking him and since he didn’t understood the question he would just say “I don’t know”. I ended up having to rephrase some of my questions in order for him to understand the question that I was asking him. If I am given another opportunity to interview child I will make sure that the child understands the question in order for him/her can answer it with out having any difficulties. I would use this method to do my own research because this method allows you to see what a person knows about a specific topic.

Interview Questions

What did you do for Halloween?

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

What costume did you wear?

Who did you go with to trick or treat?

Did you eat any of candy while you were trick or treating?

Where did you go trick or treating?

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