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Research Projects

Method Practice Report 1- Interview

In order to successfully gather the appropriate amount of data to determine factors in which influence children attending schools low income neighborhoods as well as the cultural aspects of it, I decided to use the survey method. The survey consists of certain amount of given questions that are to be answered in short answer form in which gives the child the opportunity to freely express himself/herself. By asking open ended questions, the answers are detailed with information to fully get an understanding of how the children feel. The targeted school chosen for this survey is a Junior High School consisting of students within the ages of 11-14.

Survey Questions:

What is your favorite thing to do in school that involves learning?

How do you use the things you learn in school at home and in everyday life?

If your school had more money, what changes would you want to be made?

Are your parents able to help you with school stuff and homework? Please explain.

Do you feel confident when taking state exams? Why or why not?


In what ways are you able to relate with your teachers?

How do your teachers motivate you for your future?

Do you feel safe in your school and in your neighborhood? Why or why not?

What changes would you want to see made to improve your safety?


After collecting and going through the surveys, I was able to see the variety of answers these children gave me that expressed how they felt. In majority, most children explained how they enjoy learning most when the teacher has created a fun and comfortable environment where children can freely express themselves. The children also answered that if their school had more funding they would want smart boards in class, a play room with computers and other electronical devices as well as more schools trips. a lot of the students explained that their parents are usually working and are too busy to help them with school activities and/or they are not able to help them because they are not educated enough or do not speak the language. Many children stated they feel pressure when taking state exams, do not understand the purpose of it, and hate it altogether. In regards to their teachers, students stated that some love their teachers, some hate their teachers and others do not really care for them. The students also explained how it is hard to be motivated by the teacher when they are not doing so well in class. However, other students who are getting good grades feel more support from teachers therefor feel motivated. Lastly, in regards to safety most students said they feel safe most of the time in school but in their neighborhoods they are more alert especially when they are not with an adult.

Using the survey method was the best way to gather children’s opinions through asking open ended questions. All of the completed surveys received gave a better understanding to show the results of attending a school in low income neighborhood and being a part of that neighborhood as well. It was easy to utilize this method because the answers I received from students were based on their own personal experience and their own feelings. The only complication I experienced through this method was trying to understand the handwriting of some of these students however, it wasn’t impossible. I would use this type of method again in the future because I believe it was very informative and genuine.

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