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Method Practice Report

Method Practice Report

The method I choose to discuss is Interview. I think this is a good way to get a better understand of any subject you are trying to research. I have experienced this in many ways. I think you are getting interviewed or interviewing someone everyday when you first meet them for the first time, this is a way to get to know them better. I think interview is also a very ethical way to get research because you wont be getting any information that the person wouldn’t want you to know. They will tell you everything they feel comfortable telling you, this way you cant unleash any sensitive information that can hurt the person you are interviewing. I decided on this method because I think its best to get the information first hand. You will hear about the subject from people themselves and you will not only hear what they have to say, but see their body language, and be able to see the face expressions they do with each sentence. I think doing this method is difficult, because you need to be able to ask the appropriate questions, not only do the questions need to me sensitive, but also enough to get us the information we want to know. I think I would definitely use this method for my own research project.

Sample Questions we want to use for our interview:

Questions for children:

1.Were afraid to talk to mom or dad when they were drunk? If so, why?

  1. When did your mom/ dad start to hit you?
  2. Do you feel that it was your fault that they hit you?

Sample for Parents:

1.Do you feel that your substance abuse affected the way to treat your child?

2.Do you think the fact that you have a demanding job and pressure to give your family a certain lifestyle, affected your substance abuse?

3.When did the substance abuse begin?

4.When did the abuse begin?

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