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Practice Reports

method practice report

Method Post 1

For this method report, I interviewed my neighbor who is 17 years old. I had a few questions in mind, I was aware that her parents argue a lot, actually the entire building was aware. My purpose for this interview was to find out if the verbal and I am not sure if physical abuse as well, happened when her father is under the influence. We went to a local coffee shop and that is where I conducted the interview. Of course I confirmed with her that all names would remain anonymous! My first question “when your dad comes home from work, does he speak to you?” she said “he is usually tired but seems cheerful and speaks at times” Then I asked “well, how about after dinner and a few drinks?” she said “that is when he begins to say a lot of mean things to my mom and I and begins to yell” I then began thinking about questions that are more serious but didn’t want to be insensitive, so I asked “sometimes when your father yells, how bad does it get?” she mentioned that there was no physical abuse in her household no matter how much her dad drinks, however there is verbal abuse when he is under the influence.

My interview was pretty much done then, I was able to see in her reaction that she wasn’t afraid to answer my questions and that she was honest. I realized that the method interview was the best for my topic (abuse and neglect, substance abuse) I was able to conduct an interview, my interviewee was comfortable and I got my answers. I would definitely use this method, I don’t see why not, in my opinion it went great. It was a different kind of experience and I am glad I chose it. As long as the child/adolescent is comfortable with the interview and the questions there is no reason why I would not use this method.

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