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Research Projects

“Research Design” and “Practice”

There are many different research design and practice methods that we have learned in class and discovered in the world around us that other researchers have placed in practice.  The research method that has resonated with me is the one that is quite simple in regards to the method and its implementation in life and the research study that I have used it for. I have chosen to interview a child at my workplace of Manhattan Youth and for the sake of this research study and her personal confidentiality, I will changer her name to Amy when speaking of the study and the questions she’s answered for me.

Amy and I were in the sub cellar lounge of my job and we decided to have a little chat while I was putting the food from “Friday Nights” at Manhattan Youth away in the refrigerator in the kitchen.  Amy decided that she wanted to play alone and I was quite curious to know why she wanted to be alone and there were a myriad of children around her in different rooms doing different activities such as cooking, creating crafts, and playing Mine Craft in the digital media lab.  I approached Amy and I asked her a question and that was “why are you playing by yourself if there are so many children around to play with?” Amy responded to my question with “I usually like to be by myself because there are some games and some activities that other children play that I don’t like to participate in”.  I found this quite amusing because I too understand Amy’s point of view and her perspective on solitary play so I followed up with the question “do you have friends who share the same interests as you at times?” Amy responded to the question with the answer of “yes I have friends but I leave my friends alone sometimes whenever I need some alone time and I need some personal space”.

The conversation progressed between Amy and I and then Amy began to bounce around on the bean bag chairs while I noticed the outfit that she was wearing and the uniqueness of it all. I was so intrigued by Amy’s response to the question she had responded to prior my observation so her outfit inspired me to ask her “what makes you so unique?” Amy responded with “I am unique because I am different and I am creative enough to do the things that I want to do and make the clothes that I want to wear”.  I smiled as I placed away the remainder of the food and I nonchalantly asked her “do you like coming here to “Friday Nights” and using your creativity to make things?”  Amy then beamed with pride and said “Of course I do! I love making art and ceramics in the art studio because it gives me the alone time and the space to do so” Amy then ran into the ceramic studio and brought out her mug that she painted to show me how beautiful it was and how proud she was of her art.

Finally when I was just about ready to leave and head on upstairs to check out at the front desk of my job and the children were ready to be picked up, I asked Amy one last question.  I asked Amy “what would you like to be when you grow up” Amy smiled at me and said “I would like to be unique when I grown up and possibly a designer since I like to create my own things”.  I smiled and walked away to where I needed to be stationed but as I was leaving, Amy actually asked ME “Hey Samantha, were you like me when you were my age? Did you have friends also but liked to be by yourself sometimes when you wanted to be alone” I laughed and responded ‘Why of course I was like you Amy! I had friends but I was very different and unique and when I got older, I realized that different is beautiful and it doesn’t matter if you like to be alone sometimes. I turned out okay don’t you think?” Amy then laughed and walked upstairs with me and said “You are right Samantha”.

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