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Child Abuse in New York City – Introduction

Post #1: Research Project Topic Introduction

The topic we decided to focus on is “Child Abuse in New York City” The reason we narrowed down our topic to child abuse in NYC specifically because we plan on educating children in NYC. What we want to focus on is the fact that poverty is a contributing factor in child abuse, but what happens when it is higher income families that deal with this problem?

The issue in our topic is child abuse in New York City. We have an interest in this, because we believe that there are many conflicts with New York City that needs to be addressed to prevent child abuse. Connecting factors in child abuse can be substance abuse, because of the accessibility in lower income families. However, we want to focus on higher the income families and what the reasons would be for that abuse. If one parent is the abuser and the other finds out about the abuse, this can also cause divorce and substance abuse due to depression and stress.

We want to first figure out the issues that cause child abuse in New York, and this way we can figure out a way to try and prevent it.

The purpose of this study is to gain knowledge of child abuse; not only for ourselves; but also for our future children, and for our future careers as well. As many of us want to go into careers that have to do with the youth, this knowledge will help us better understand and access child abuse when and if we ever come across it in the future. The consequence of not knowing this information is that we allow it to go on, if we can do the research of why this is happening so much, and figure our a way we can help prevent it from happening, or at least have the knowledge to bring more awareness to the issue.

The research question we want to focus on is “Why child abuse is so high in New York City?” Sub-questions we have are:

  1. What can be the cause of child abuse for higher income families?
  2. Many children being abused are from broken families and from parents who may have some kind of substance abuse issue, can this be the cause?






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