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Practice Reports

Surveying Parents of Children with Disabilities

A survey is a data collection tool used to gather information about individuals. Surveys are commonly used in research to collect self-report data from participants in a study. A survey can be administered in a couple of different ways: one method, similar to a structured interview, is when researchers ask the participant the questions, while another method, known as a questionnaire, has the participant fill out the survey on their own.

Surveys allow researchers to collect a large amount of data in a short period of time. These surveys can be used to gather information from a wide range of things including personal facts, attitudes, feelings, behaviors, opinions and history. The most common way to administer a survey can include, mail, telephone, in-person, online and in person. By using this method surveyors/researchers can reach an extensive amount of participants.

As a group, Corisa and I decided to use a survey as one of our methods because it lets the participants have multiple answers to choose from while answering our questions anonymously. Using surveys as a method was quite easy and smooth. We were able to pose questions and let the participants answer and explain why they feel that way. It let the participants answer openly and freely without any repercussion.  We thought this method practice was a success for gathering information for our research project. If I had to do another research project, I would use the survey method again due to the fact that I can reach many participants in a short amount of time.


Sample of Survey

  1. Are there enough programs or schools to help educate your child with disability/special needs?

YES                        NO                         SOMETIMES                         Why-

  1. Is there enough help to provide your child with disability/special needs enough guidance throughout the school day?

YES                        NO                         SOMETIMES                         Why-

  1. Are you ever afraid for your child/student being ignored or treated poorly?

YES                        NO                         SOMETIMES                         Why-

  1. Do you think there are enough teachers/aides to help the disabled children?

YES                        NO                         SOMETIMES                         Why-

  1. Do you think the curriculum is beneficial for your child/student with a disability?

YES                        NO                         SOMETIMES                         Why-

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