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Bois, W. (2002). Does The Negro Need Separate Schools. In Du Bois on education (p. 328). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. Freire, P. (2000). Pedagogy of the Oppressed (30th ed., p. 183). Bloomsbury Academic. Gay, G. (2000). Culturally responsive teaching theory, research, and practice. New York: Teachers College Press. Ladson-Billings, G. (2009). The Dreamkeepers Successful […]

The Importance of Culturally Relevant Teaching in Low-income Neighborhoods

Introduction Culturally relevant teaching is a pedagogy that empowers students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and politically by using cultural referents to impart knowledge, skills, and attitudes. It is not a matter of race, gender, or teaching style. Teachers with culturally relevant practices see themselves as part of the community and they encourage students to learn collaboratively. […]

Data Analysis

1. The qualitative data collection method we chose to do as a group was the interview method with a heavy focus on survey use. With that being said, organizing the data to be analyzed will have to be by school and then by student, parent and teacher groups. We want to be able to compare […]

Data Collection Methods

Method The qualitative data collection method we chose to do as a group was the interview method with a heavy focus on survey use. By using a combination of these two methods, it lays out the best platform for us as child researchers to get unbiased information straight from the children. When children are in […]

Method Practice Report #1- Observation

For my Method practice report, I decided to take the observation route. Every day, I travel on the B6 bus to get to and from class and I’m always surrounded by young kids. The majority of the time, they’re high school kids. When you listen to the things they speak of and exactly how they […]

Ethical Consideration Post

Informed participation: Our number one priority as a group is to make sure that we follow a strict ethics code when it comes to our upcoming research. Children are often taken for granted when it comes to research and we want to make sure that they are comfortable knowing that we as interviewers will give […]

Literature Review

Noguera, P. A. (2003) City Schools and the American Dream, Ch 3 This literature review allows one to understand the link between race and academic achievement amongst minorities who are underprivileged. According to the author “minority and disadvantaged children tend to not do as well in school than affluent white students” (Noguera, 2003). There are […]

Culturally Relevant Teaching and the Impact on Academic Achievement

The relationship between, race, class, and school performance has been one of the most consistent features of education in the United States. All students do not learn in the same way ,and we felt it was of our utmost responsibility for this problem to be highlighted when it comes to children living in low-income neighborhoods. […]

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