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Data Collection Methodology

Data Collection Methods

The method qualitative data collect method we as a group will be using is the observation method. The reason why we decide to use this method is because our argument / topic is to observe the different type of behaviors and function in children with autism during play time. In the article “Observation Behavior Using A-B-C Data” by Cathy Pratt, PH.D & Melissa Dubie M.Ed the authors discuss how using this method called the ABC method which stands for Antecedent, Behavior and Consequence helps you step by step in gathering your information, such as the events, circumstances that happen before the behavior happens, the behavior it self and consequences taking for the behavior that occur.
Using this method you can track the pretend behavior, engagement and play patterns.

Our population of Interest will be school age children ranging from ages 3-5 mostly that are in a daycare setting . Our research group will be using a participatory approach because our children will be engaging in a play, in order for us to collect our data. To collect our sample we decide to go to a daycare in Coney Island. The reason being because Vannessa is employed there. It was easy to get the parents consent to observe their two twin daughters who are autistic. We decided to only observer two twin girls for reasons being we can compare and contrast from one another. It will make our research a little more interesting for observation reasons.

For our study site we will be observing autistic twin sister in which are 4 years old. When we first decide use the observation method we figure we will observe children in different age groups. Mainly two different children in different school to see the difference between the two. But then I knew it will be much easier to get the parents because of my relationship with them to agree with us observing them. I have an awesome relationship with the parents and they know wouldn’t do anything that will put there children in harms way.

My research group will conduct our observation in a daycare pre school classroom. My observation will be record using the ABA & ABC method which we will have printed out before hand in order for us to actually sit down and record our data.

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