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Vannessa Figueroa

Vannessa Figueroa has written 3 posts for Applied Research in Children's Studies 2015

Data Collection Methods

METHOD: The method qualitative data collect method we as a group will be using is the observation method. The reason why we decide to use this method is because our argument / topic is to observe the different type of behaviors and function in children with autism during play time. In the article “Observation Behavior […]

Observing Behavior using the ABA & ABC Models

METHOD: ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) ABC (Antecedent Behavior Consequences) For our Method practice we chose to use two different observation methods. The first is the ABA method which stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. Which focuses on principles to explain how learning takes places. ABA is also used to bring out meaningful and positive behavior within […]

Ethical Consideration

Ethical Consideration: Informed Participation: As a group we decide that we will discuss the purpose and method of our research. We will observe the behavior of children with autism in a classroom setting. We will use the ABA & ABC model to help better observe each child. Our study will show the effectiveness of using […]

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