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Ethical Considerations

Ethic Post

Informed participation

As a research team, we will ensure that each of our participants are well informed about the purpose, methods and intended possible use of the research. As research leaders, we will inform the participants that the survey that they are participating in is to find out whether or not children ranging from grades K-6, who have disabilities and/ or, who are special educated are receiving equal programming and funding, as they deserve. The group of participants we would ask to engage in our survey is parents and teachers. These participants would be knowledgeable before taking the survey that it is anonymous and it is optional and also based on their opinion. They will be informed that in order for our research to be successful, the help of completing our survey is one step closer to accomplishing our research.

Voluntary participants

Our participants will be ensured that the survey that is being asked if them is not mandatory. We will make sure that they are fully aware that this survey again, is anonymous. We will also inform them that they too can be apart of our research, beyond the survey portion.

Confidentiality and anonymity

Our survey will be entirely anonymous. Those who wish to share personal information it will be strictly confidential.

Protection from harm

Some participants may get upset over the topic or may have emotional reactions towards the topic. We would assure them that this survey does no harm. It is a way in which we can get better education for our children with special needs


As a researcher or even as any human being, there will be biases. Sometimes we may not agree with someone’s survey or opinion, but as researchers we have to put aside our differences because it’s their opinion and that will help us have a successful research. We will make sure that our biases will not affect our research.

Data security.

All data will be stored safely and securely. Identifiable data will be in encrypted data files. Any type of paper survey and/or video recordings will be kept in individual sectioned filing cabinets. Data that are confidential such as names and addresses will be kept in secured locker drawers with passcode that only our research team is granted access.

Dissemination and use of research.

In society many people misunderstands and misinterpret things. That’s because we all don’t think alike. As a research team, we will work extremely hard to ensure that our participants are fully aware of the concept and the purpose of our research.

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