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Corisa Ramkissoon

Corisa Ramkissoon has written 4 posts for Applied Research in Children's Studies 2015

Special Needs and Programs

Introduction Special Education also known as Special Needs is the practice of educating students with special needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. Classes designed for children who have special needs due to physical, mentally, social, emotional or learning problems. Due to these special requirements, students’ needs which cannot be met […]

Analysis post

Corisa Ramkissoon Tayla Goldberg     Collecting Quantitative Data   In our experiment, the independent variable would be the number of disabled students that did not get a fair education or the proper funding for their education. To lead this part of our experiment, we will conduct one on one interview with students themselves on […]

Ethic Post

Informed participation As a research team, we will ensure that each of our participants are well informed about the purpose, methods and intended possible use of the research. As research leaders, we will inform the participants that the survey that they are participating in is to find out whether or not children ranging from grades […]

Literature review

Corisa Ramkissoon Tayla Goldberg   Literature Review Everyone deserves a fair chance in getting an education. No matter your circumstances, such as, being disabled, you should have the rights to your education. Our topic or main focus is, funding for special education students in elementary school. We are interested in finding if there a enough […]

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