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Ethical Considerations

Ethical Consideration

Ethical Consideration:

Informed Participation:
As a group we decide that we will discuss the purpose and method of our research. We will observe the behavior of children with autism in a classroom setting. We will use the ABA & ABC model to help better observe each child. Our study will show the effectiveness of using reinforcement behavior. Once all the parents of the participants are informed of what the study will consist of, we will gladly answer any questions or concerns they may have to better help them understand if this something they want to be a part of.

Voluntary Participation:

First we will have every participant parent sign a voluntary participant waiver form to ensure they agree for their child to participate. In no way we will force them to do so. Each participant will receive a brief background about the research and what it will conduct of. The reason being each parent of the participant gets an clear understanding as to why we are doing the study. All of this will be discuss before signing and agreement.

Confidentiality and Anonymity:

Each participate will receive a number during the study. In which we will refer to them as an child 1, child 2 or child. If we have siblings such as twins they will be refer to them as twin A or twin b. This will help ensure confidentiality and to keep our participate as comfortable as possible.

Protection from Harm:

In our research we insure their are no risk or harm that will put any participant in danger. All data collect will be kept confidential and each participant will be refer to their name giving such as child 1 or if we have twins they will be refer to (Twin A or Twin B). Each child will be placed in a classroom. We will be observing each child behavior, when reinforcement is introduce how did the child react & their interaction with other children.

Participation of Children:

In our research children with autism is our number one key to get a better understand of our research topic. Therefore we would go to a school(s) & find children within the autism spectrum. Of course their parents would have to be part of the research as well. We will need written consent from each parent to allow their child to participate in our study.


Researchers will collect and review all data from the study. Without any intentions of prejudice or unfairness. Once the study is finish the researchers then will discuss the different findings within each child. We will use the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) And ABC (Antecedent Behavior Consequences) to help record our outcomes.

Data Security:

Only the researchers will have access to all the information and data collected during the study. To ensure this we will keep all data collected locked in a draw. In which me and Sade will be the only ones with the key to access the data. All participant will be refer to their name and number giving (ex: child 1). We will only refer to each child by their assigned name. In the case a participant drops out or decides they don’t want to be part of the study anymore. Their information will be shredded.

Dissemination and Use of Research:

Our study will help parents and teachers have a better understand on how to help reinforce the behavior of a child with autism. Play was great way to show reinforcement because parents don’t realize but there so much you can learn and help a child achieve through play. ABA & ABC models help you show positive reinforcement and help shape the behavior. In order to repeat the behavior with the encouragement of positive outcome.

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