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Practice Reports

Observing Behavior using the ABA & ABC Models

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
ABC (Antecedent Behavior Consequences)

For our Method practice we chose to use two different observation methods. The first is the ABA method which stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. Which focuses on principles to explain how learning takes places. ABA is also used to bring out meaningful and positive behavior within children with autism. For example, using positive reinforcement. Giving a reward for repeating a behavior in which was shown. Using this method helps a child with autism want to repeat the behavior again. The second observation method is the ABC model. which stands for Antecedent Behavior and Consequences. During my research I came upon an article called “Observation Behavior Using A-B-C Data” by Cathy Pratt, PH.D & Melissa Dubie M.Ed. In the article the authors discuss how using observation behavior can help learn the pattern and functions of behavior in autistic children. A-B-C stands for Antecedent Behavior and Consequences. In which are the behaviors such as, the events, action, or circumstances that happen, the actual Behavior and the action or response that follows the behavior.
For this observation We decided to observe two autistic twin sisters. Being that I work part time in a daycare where we have autistic students. I figure this will be the perfect opportunity for me & Sade to be able to observe. We decided to apply what we read in the article and refer it to the classroom to monitor the behavior between the two sisters. The behavior & fictions we were looking for were similarities in the way they responded to things and the differences between the two. We also were observing they way they handle following directions in the classroom. We decided to best time observe would be during play time (center time) in the classroom. The reason being because you get to learn a lot about children through play time. Our observation began at 10am and ended about 5 mins before 11am. We use two different charts to help us better observe the children and record our observation effectively.

The observation went well. We were able to record enough information. Each twin was different and similar in many ways. The difference between the two sisters was Twin B was the twin who need more reinforcement to help shape her behavior. During our time in the classroom the teacher try rewarding her with thing to help stop the many outburst she had. Where Twin A reacted to reinforcement well. She was able to sit when told to do so & move from center to center without have any melt downs. The similarities between the two sisters was they are both none verbal. Their form of communication was Twin A points were Twin B doesn’t know how to express herself so she has these outburst and melt downs to where she screams or cry at times. Another interesting thing we observe was Twin A kept no eye contact but Twin B was able to look into my eyes for a few seconds before drifting off.
I will definitely use the ABA & ABC method again because it helped us learn a better understand on how to work with children with autism. It also showed us how to better reinforce the behavior of a child with autism.

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